About Brooke Loening

Brooke Loening began his career in the business world.  He founded two successful New York-based companies, Loening Zabriskie Construction and Amandari Imports.  After running these companies for 17, he sold his interests in both in order to pursue a more spiritually fulfilling path.

His clientele include top business owners, athletes, artists, accountants, doctors, lawyers and entertainment industry professionals. His unique one step at a time style, and his well-known ability to tackle issues directly without wasting time, combined with his expertise in the areas of personal growth, relationships, goal-setting and affirmations have generated countless success stories.

His highly regarded Young Adults Life Coaching group started in 2006 as a volunteer program to mentor young adults has proven to be life changing. Its members have acquired better decision-making skills, improved self-esteem, and tools to help navigate relationships in all areas of their lives.